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Music has been a constant thread in my life ever since I first strummed a guitar at the age of six – that's over 60 years ago! My love for the instrument was nurtured by a dedicated neighborhood  guitar teacher who truly made a difference. He wasn't just an instructor; he possessed a remarkable ability to inspire and connect with his students. Even after years passed, he remained a constant presence, keeping in touch with all of us and taking a genuine interest in our musical endeavors. His dedication and guidance were instrumental in shaping my skills as a guitarist, and I'm forever grateful for his lasting impact.

I'm available to play solo or with my duo, trio and quartet groups, depending on what is needed for your special event or *venue.  I'm happy to say that I work with talented musicians and that I'm able to do so at reasonable rates for you. ​ Whether it's a private special occasion or a company event you are hosting, adding live musical entertainment will bring it to a whole new level. I would love the opportunity to help make your special event a successful and memorable one. If you're reading this and you're interested in hiring a musician(s), please contact me so we can discuss details.

*If you are a dining establishment please see my
"DEAR VENUE OPERATOR" page for more info!

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